With a $25 minimum deposit into an icefcu share account,  you become a member/shareholder in the credit union and are eligible for all credit union services.  Once you are a member, your family members are also eligible to join!  We depend on you, our member/owners to tell your co-workers and family members about the credit union and to encourage them to join. 


Don't use Mason Jars!
 your account by setting up 
sub-savings accounts and naming them 
what you want to set up your own 
customized savings accounts.  
Example:  Vacation, Taxes, School, etc.
--we can name them anything you wish! 
If you work for the City of Irving you may
also payroll deduct into them.


Payroll Deduction:  If you work for the City of Irving, you may payroll deduct any amount you choose out of each paycheck to go into your icefcu share account (as well as all other deposit accounts except TSC's) and/or to make automatic loan payments.  When the loan pays off, unless you change your payroll deduction amount/form, the funds go into your savings/share account. 

If you open a savings account with us you will receive quarterly statements detailing your account activity, including any loan accounts.  If you open a checking/share draft account (under the same member number), you will receive monthly statements detailing your account activity, including any loan accounts.

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