Christmas Club   
Holiday expenses stressing you out?  Consider setting up a Christmas Club Account!

If you work for the City of Irving you can Payroll Deduct a portion of each paycheck into your own Christmas Club Account!  Simply ask a CU employee to set your Christmas Club account up and let them know how much you want to contribute to it each pay.



$20 a pay period = $  520
$30 a pay period = $  780 
$40 a pay period = $1,040 
$50 a pay period = $1,300


Plus you earn the same dividend rate paid on regular savings accounts!

After the first City of Irving payday in November, we will transfer your Christmas Club
funds into your CU checking account. 
If you don't have a icefcu checking account we will mail you a check!
There are no penalties if you withdraw from the account early, but what a relief to have funds saved for Christmas shopping and expenses instead of running up the credit card balances!

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