Auto Loans

If you find the process of buying a vehicle frustrating, we can help!

Our friendly Loan Officers will quickly get you pre-approved and show
you financing options.

We can even check and see if you'd save money by taking any rebate
instead of factory financing if it is offered.  Compare our vehicle GAP
coverage (at only $349) to what the dealership is charging!

Plus, we reward our members for their loan business with a *Loan Interest Rebate!  
The finance charge/loan interest rebate for 2019 was 10%!


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Do you have a vehicle financed elsewhere?

If so, we can probably save you money by refinancing the vehicle with the credit union at our lower rates. This would let you choose between a smaller monthly payment, shorter term, or both!

To refinance, call your current lender and ask for a ten day payoff. Then fax, or bring it in to the CU with your original finance agreement or buyers order. (It will have vehicle model, year, MSRP, options, etc.)

We may also be able to loan you more than your vehicle loan balance!
Call us to see if we can add to your loan balance to allow you to use the equity in your vehicle for additional funds!
(Up to NADA retail value may be approved.)


New OR pre-owned vehicle
rates as Low as:
36 Months 2.49%
60 Months 2.69%
72 Months 2.79%
84 Months 2.99%
Our motorcycle loan rates are the same as vehicle loan rates!

Don't get "taken for a ride" by a Car Title Lender!

We are happy to value your vehicle for it's loan value at our normal, low vehicle loan rates!  Many members use the equity in their vehicle for home repairs, vacation, education expenses, etc.

APR** = Annual Percentage Rate


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What about leasing?

This is truly an area where "let the buyer beware" comes into play. Leasing has become popular because it reduces the monthly payment on vehicles that a person could not afford if they were to purchase it. Before leasing, you should carefully consider the beginning, middle and end-of lease costs. At the beginning of the lease, The gross capitalized cost of the vehicle may be significantly more than if you purchased the vehicle; you have to pay your first monthly payment; a refundable security deposit or your last monthly payment; other fees for licenses, registration, and title; a capitalized cost reduction (like a down payment); an acquisition fee (also called a processing or assignment fee); freight or destination charges; state or local taxes; and insurance coverage may be more expensive than if you owned the vehicle.

Does the lease include "gap" coverage, which protects you if the vehicle is stolen or totaled in an accident? During the lease, you will have to pay your monthly payment; any additional taxes not included in the payment such as sales, use, and personal property taxes; insurance premiums; ongoing maintenance costs; and any fees for late payment. You'll also have to pay for safety and emissions inspections.

If you end your lease early, you may have to pay substantial early termination charges. At the end of the lease, if you don't buy the vehicle, you may have to pay a disposition fee and charges for excess miles (12,000-15,000 per year is a typical limit) and excess wear.

Check the lease agreement for the standards for excess wear, such as for body damage or worn tires. You will have no equity in the vehicle because you have not owned it, but there should be a purchase option.

Our loan officers are available to help you make an informed decision whether to purchase or lease a vehicle. We suggest you bring any lease contract you are considering to us before you sign so that we can review it with you. The credit union does not offer leases because we do not feel that they are in our member's best interests.

FYI:  We may report information about your account to credit bureaus. Late payments, missed payments, or other defaults on your account may be reflected in your credit report.

*Loans in default/under bankruptcy, 2 months (or more) delinquent during 2020 will not receive the rebate; nor will member accounts that have caused the CU a loss in their deposit accounts.  MasterCard, Student Loans and real estate loans through MemberHomeLoan also do not receive the finance charge rebate.  Effective 2019:  If a member is 2 months or more delinquent on their Mastercard with icefcu, they will not be eligible to receive the rebate on any of their loans with icefcu.

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